Have you ever wondered...?

Have you ever wondered why the beloved products that your best friend, mom and the rest of the skincare community seem to swear by hardly perform for you? Or why your once go-to favorites seem to lose their effectiveness over time?

You’ve likely also taken a “custom skincare” quiz at some point and been suggested to use a particular regimen based off of your answers. “These companies are hoping that you will have success with a product because others with the same “type” of skin showed signs of improvement. The products they suggest may or may not work- it’s essentially an educated guess.” -says Skinprint founder and chemist, Robert Manzo.

What they fail to take into consideration is that our skin is a living organ and is coded with all the DNA and genetic material that make each one of us completely unique. It is forever changing, responding to different environmental, hormonal, and genetic factors. When it comes to skincare, there is truly no such thing as a skin “type.” Treating it that way will inevitably lead to a cabinet full of half-used bottles and disappointment.

Since no two people experience the same environmental damage or have the same genes why do we rely on the same active ingredient to treat both individuals?


Introducing Personalized Skincare

A handful of smarter ingredients are now able to turn on your skin’s own natural regenerative processes to help reverse the signs of aging in ways that you specifically want to see. Self-Regenerative Stem Cell Technology (SRST) is one of them.


SRST works to seek out damage in epidermal cells and triggers them to initiate their own unique repair responses - creating a process that is completely custom only to you.


So, while you and your friend both see amazing results, you can be sure that the cellular processes happening behind the scenes are entirely different.

The future of anti-aging is here.

The truly brilliant thing about SRST is that it repairs multiple types of damage. Say goodbye to layering a shelf full of products with the hopes of treating fine lines, dark spots, or sagging individually. Now, you have one product that does it all and still feels lightweight for day or night.

A game changer in the field of anti-aging, SRST does what no “custom skincare algorithm” can by delivering consistent, remarkable results. One technology- unlimited, tailored results for every individual.

That’s the beauty of intelligent skincare.